M3 Build is Online!

Sunday March 21st, 1999

Chris Hofmann from Netscape has good news for us. The M3 build is now online. Just to be clear, M3 is not a beta release. This is a developer's release (like the nightly builds), but a build that addressed the issues of Milestone 3 on the path to final product. There are many other milestones to come, with Milestone 4 coming around April 6th. Click here to go to the release notes page where you can download the M3 build. Win32 users have the option of downloading a version with the FullCircle crash data transmission software (under 3M total).

#1 Re: corrupt linux tarball?

by Ralph Giles

Sunday March 21st, 1999 10:59 AM

Hmmm, the linux binary tarball seems to be corrupt:

$ tar xvzf mozilla-i686-pc-linux-gnu-SeaMonkey_M3_BRANCH.tar.gz package/ package/nsinstall package/bsdecho package/ package/ package/ package/ package/ tar: Skipping to next file header

gzip: stdin: unexpected end of file tar: Child returned status 1 tar: Error exit delayed from previous errors

I tried the download more than once, so it's not a transmission error. The file is dated March 20, 6076334 bytes, md5sum 077fe635512ab76f5501300ba54924c4.

Anybody get this successfully?

#2 Mail

by jawbone

Sunday March 21st, 1999 11:21 AM

Has anyone been able to get mail working in the Win32 build? I followed the instructions, but no luck.

#3 Re:corrupt linux tarball

by John Swinbank

Sunday March 21st, 1999 11:54 AM

Yep, the Linux binary tarball is definitely broken. I get exactly the same error as above.

#4 Re:M3 Build is Online!

by kerz

Sunday March 21st, 1999 1:19 PM

Mail right now is touchy. Chris and I have been working on getting it to work, and I had success (as seen in the screenshot) but Chris could not get it to work, in the same build.

Basically, take your old prefs.js from a 4.x version, clear all the prefs out, and use this:

// Netscape User Preferences // This is a generated file! Do not edit.

user_pref("mail.rootFolder", "C:\\Program Files\\Netscape\\Users\\Yourprofilename\\Mail"); user_pref("network.hosts.pop_server", "Your Server"); user_pref("network.hosts.smtp_server", "Your Server"); user_pref("mail.smtp_name", "Your Username"); user_pref("mail.pop_name", "Your Username"); user_pref("mail.pop_password", "Mail Password"); user_pref("mail.identity.reply_to", "Reply To Address"); user_pref("mail.identity.organization", "Your Organization"); user_pref("mail.identity.useremail", "Your Email"); user_pref("mail.identity.username", "Your Name");

Be sure to have the correct path to the mail directory, with double slashes (\\) between each directory as shown. Put this prefs.js either in the /bin/ dir in the nightly builds or in the /x86rel/ dir in the M3 build. Start apprunner as usual (just apprunner.exe, no parameters), and select Messenger from the Tools menu. Hopefully your mail folders should show up. Chris and I are yet to be able to send or get messages with Apprunner Messenger, but that should happen soon.

#5 Re:M3 Build is Online!

by incubus

Sunday March 21st, 1999 1:22 PM

netscape should stop slacking or at least slack right! Since they no longer code they can at least take the time to learn how to make a tarball. I'm downloading the source and if it's busted I'm going to be pissed.

#6 Re:M3 Build is Online!

by kerz

Sunday March 21st, 1999 1:30 PM

The prefs.js pasted quite yucky, so I have posted one up for you to use. It is located here -

Be sure to rename it from prefs.txt to prefs.js, and place it in the correct directory.

#7 Re:M3 Build is Online!

by Matt Michie

Sunday March 21st, 1999 1:43 PM

Yup my Linux download was broken as well :(

#8 Thanks

by jawbone

Sunday March 21st, 1999 1:47 PM

Thanks, Jason. The prefs file you provided works beautifully.

#9 Re:M3 Build is Online!

by Kovu

Sunday March 21st, 1999 2:22 PM

teamwork is a beautiful thing :)

#10 Re:M3 Build is Online!

by Dave Heaney

Sunday March 21st, 1999 2:46 PM

Does anybody know how to fix the Linux tarball? If not, does anyone know when people who know how to fix it are going to? Thanks

#11 Getting Mail Works

by jawbone

Sunday March 21st, 1999 3:21 PM

The title says it (at least in my copy). Sent myself a test message, and lo and behold apprunner downloaded it.

#12 And so does sending (sort of)

by jawbone

Sunday March 21st, 1999 3:25 PM

I just tried sending a message from apprunner, and that works too. The only problem is you can't enter any text in the body of the message.

#13 Re:M3 Build is Online!

by ERICmurphy

Sunday March 21st, 1999 3:27 PM

The Win32 build seems a little flaky, definitely less stable than I imagined it would be. Oh well, it put on a good show, and confirmed a bug I have been watching.

Can't wait for M4!

#14 Re:Linux Tarball is foobar...

by Fleeb

Sunday March 21st, 1999 3:44 PM

Oh poo.

No linux tarball.

And I spent all that time downloading for naught. Argh.

I suppose I could try to build the source...

#15 Re: M3 Build is Online!

by Alan Wild

Sunday March 21st, 1999 3:55 PM

I posted something to the mozilla site about the program linux tarball. They are now aware of it at least. No word on when it will be fixed. The source does work, but is a little flaky. I am posting this from apprunner though. :)

#16 Re: M3 Build is Online!

by zontar

Sunday March 21st, 1999 4:19 PM

Also posted using M3 apprunner :-)


I believe I read in the documentation that you don't get a cursor in the composition area until you actually start typing...

#17 Re:M3 Build is Online!

by mozineAdmin

Sunday March 21st, 1999 5:28 PM

I used Jason's template prefs file (in a post above), and it worked fine. I was even able to receive messages. Whew! I was getting worried that I wouldn't be able to get it to work.

#18 Mail composition

by jawbone

Sunday March 21st, 1999 5:34 PM

Zontar, you are indeed correct. Just sent myself a test message with it, and boy does that "Mozilla 5.0" in the X-Mailer header look good.

#19 Re:M3 Build is Online!

by Orpheus

Monday March 22nd, 1999 4:25 AM

Strangely, there seems to be a case of a problem with Netscape 4.51/Win32 - I can't download the file right off the page, but I can follow the directory tree up from /pub/ to get the file... Odd... Once I get M3 installed, I'll see if it has the same problem. =-)

#20 Re:M3 Build is Online!

by zontar

Monday March 22nd, 1999 5:43 AM



I can't get email to send or receive with either M3 or the 0320 Win32 build, even after using Jason's prefs.js template. (Thanks, pal -- I'm sure you've got it right and I've probably just done something incredibly stupid...;-) But it's still VERY nice to see the mail and composition windows spring up. And the browser part is working beautifully. :-)

Now let's just get a:hover working so the little FrontPage kiddies who can't code the necessary 3-4 lines of JavaScript themselves will quit whining and/or pointing their fingers and saying "HA ha!" like that bully kid on The Simpsons... ;-)

#21 Re:M3 Build is Online!

by kerz

Monday March 22nd, 1999 9:09 AM

I have added a new line to the prefs.js.

user_pref("browser.download_directory", "C:\\TEMP\\");

Allows you to send mail (hopefully). I have not gotten it to work yet, but I was able to download messages last night. I have added this to the sample prefs.js at . Don't forget to rename it from prefs.txt to prefs.js. If you have any tips on how to get stuff working, don't hesitate to post!

#22 glibc2.1 problems?

by Outlyer

Monday March 22nd, 1999 9:56 AM

I get undefined symbol errors on my glibc2.1 system. I can't think of any other reason for this to happen, so it looks like I'm going to have to try a source compile.

error in loading shared libraries: /home/paulad/package/ undefined symbol: seekpos__9streambufli

#23 Re:Messenger

by zontar

Monday March 22nd, 1999 1:05 PM

I've been able to download mail with 0320/Win32 after correcting a dumb typo or two that I made in my copy of Jason's prefs file. I've had to shut down and reboot Moz a couple of times in order to actually read it, tho.

Alas, I still can't send mail. However, I'm on a dialup and both my ISPs are pretty flaky, so who knows where the trouble may lie...?

At any rate, I'll keep checking back here for suggestions, and if I succeed in sending, I'll be sure to pass that info along.

I thought the editor was supposed to be working -- any secrets I need to be clued in on in that department?

Thanks, everybody.

#24 YES!! YES!! YES!! :-)

by zontar

Monday March 22nd, 1999 1:27 PM

Jason --

Never mind, that last fix of yours (which I didn't see until AFTER I'd posted the previous message) did the trick.


#25 Editor

by jawbone

Monday March 22nd, 1999 2:28 PM


You can run the editor by running 'apprunner -editor' from a command line.

As with mail composition, you won't see a cursor until you start typing.

#26 Okay, I am no longer so pessimistic about Mozilla

by Evan Jones

Monday March 22nd, 1999 7:01 PM

I used to be pessimistic about Mozilla's chances of actually becoming a real web browser, but it looks like it will survive for at least one more version...

What I AM afraid of is when the time comes that Netscape dumps funding for Mozilla and development grinds to a halt because I don't see many outside developers working on this MASSIVE project.

I can only hope that it succeeds!

So far so good! I like what I see.

#27 Re:M3 Build is Online!

by Kovu

Monday March 22nd, 1999 8:01 PM

I'm sorry, maybe you're in on something we're not, like AOL's board, but no where have I read that Netscape intends to "dump" funding for Mozilla.

#28 Re:M3 Build is Online!

by zontar

Monday March 22nd, 1999 10:42 PM


Thanks for the tip. It does run, even though it doesn't do much else at this point -- Still, it's good to see.

#29 Re: M3 Build is Online!

by dan

Tuesday March 23rd, 1999 10:45 PM

The release notes claim it's fully HTML 4.0 compliant, but the <Q> tag still doesn't work...

#30 Re: M3 Build is Online!

by dan

Tuesday March 23rd, 1999 10:45 PM

The release notes claim it's fully HTML 4.0 compliant, but the <Q> tag still doesn't work...

#31 Re: Netscape and funding mozilla

by Evan Jones

Friday March 26th, 1999 6:41 PM

It is not like I am into any cutting edge information, but how can a company survive while pouring hundreds of thousands of dollars into a product that is:

A. Not generating any direct revenue and B. Competing directly with Microsoft's marketing machine.

I see that in the future, Netscape may "cut their losses" and drop funding for Mozilla...