Mozilla Featured in Singapore's 'The Sunday Times'

Saturday January 24th, 2004

This weekend's edition of Singapore's The Sunday Times (produced by the same team as The Straits Times, the country's most widely-read newspaper) features an article about Mozilla. Noting that "tech publications have been heaping non-stop praise on Mozilla's Firebird browser," the report states that while Mozilla may be better than Internet Explorer, most potential users have never even heard of it. Charles Upsdell of Browser News and Peter-Paul Koch of QuirksMode are quoted as saying that this is due to a lack of marketing and the bundling of Internet Explorer with Windows.

#9 Moz on ZdNet

by polidobj

Sunday January 25th, 2004 1:53 PM

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Speaking of marketing, I've been glad to see 1.6 on the main ZdNet downloads page for somewhere around a week. (still there today 1/25). That can't hurt to get exposure that way. Although I'd like to see some more positive user opinions there. But at least the 3 it has gotten are all good.

And there's a poll on asking your favorite browser. So far: IE 60.8%, Mozilla 14.6%, Opera 10.4%, Netscape 5.8%, Avant 4.4% other 4.1%. Second Place but way out of first.