Mozilla Featured in Singapore's 'The Sunday Times'

Saturday January 24th, 2004

This weekend's edition of Singapore's The Sunday Times (produced by the same team as The Straits Times, the country's most widely-read newspaper) features an article about Mozilla. Noting that "tech publications have been heaping non-stop praise on Mozilla's Firebird browser," the report states that while Mozilla may be better than Internet Explorer, most potential users have never even heard of it. Charles Upsdell of Browser News and Peter-Paul Koch of QuirksMode are quoted as saying that this is due to a lack of marketing and the bundling of Internet Explorer with Windows.

#11 Don't count Apple out Just because of Safari!!

by pkb351 <>

Sunday January 25th, 2004 5:31 PM

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Once Camino reaches 1.0 couldn't Mozilla marketing work to encourage Apple to include Camino on the MacOS instalation disks as an alternative to Safari? defeats itself if the phrase "too bad Apple didn't embrace Camino (or similar)" to mean there is no point in attempting to market a gecko based browser to Apple to be included on the OS instalation disk.

Now it would be a waste of time and self-defeating to market Firebird to MS in hopes of gaining a spot on the instalation CDs. Apple, unlike MS, may just be open to distribute an alternative browser to Safari. And if Camino every does surpass Safari in quality by a significant margin may just be open to adopt Camino as its default browser. Originally Apple partly did not adopt a Geko browser due to a lack of a native UI and other flaws in the Gecko design. The faults Apple rightly saw in Gecko's design (which lead them to not adopt it) either have been or will be shortly fixed as work progresses to improve the Gecko Runtime. Hopefully When Camino reaches 1.0 Apple will have a OS X browser light years ahead of Safari.