Supplemental Resources for 'Rapid Application Development with Mozilla' Now Online

Friday January 23rd, 2004

Nigel McFarlane, author of Rapid Application Development with Mozilla, writes: "Supporting reports and 'Hands On' example code are now available for download for the book Rapid Application Development with Mozilla. See the Prentice Hall PTR book site, where they will appear permanently. They'll also appear on my own smallish website, which is in theory not far away now.

"Prentice Hall's website is not maintained by me and I am only sometimes advised of content put there. Apologies to readers for any and all small delays."

#1 The book in Bruce Perens' Open Source series

by zero0w

Saturday January 24th, 2004 1:15 AM

I think the book can be found in Bruce Perens' Open Source series, I want to take a look before purchasing it:

BTW, I agree with some other reviews that we need an IDE (possibly built in XUL) before developers can seriously consider Mozilla/XUL as a platform alternative to Visual Studio.

#2 UI XUL tips

by buff

Saturday January 24th, 2004 7:52 AM

I have taken a look at these Mozilla application development books. They all fail to leave out: When the XUL layout fails to render correctly don't forget to overload the flex attribute to hack the layout into submission. For example, a BOX element misbehaving can be corrected sometimes by adding flex="1000". ;-)