Full Article Attached Developers Must Now Consider Mozilla Firebird, Mozilla Thunderbird and Camino When Making API Changes

Thursday January 22nd, 2004

In a newsgroup posting, Mozilla Firebird developer Ben Goodger, Mozilla Thunderbird developer Scott MacGregor and Camino developer Mike Pinkerton have announced that those making API changes to core components must now ensure that they do not adversely affect Firebird, Thunderbird or Camino. For most developers, this will mean monitoring the three applications' tinderbox pages to ensure that their checkins do not cause breakages, as well as searching a little further afield when looking for code affected by API changes. If a developer fails to follow these new rules, they will be required to fix any problems they cause or have their code forcibly backed out.

#8 To make this work, lxr needs to work for fb/tb/etc

by bzbarsky

Sunday January 25th, 2004 1:15 PM

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The /mozilla/ index is updated so rarely as to be nearly useless, especially when merging to recent checkins (not to mention that it's _slow_). The /seamonkey/ index does not cover the non-seamonkey apps (nor parts of seamonkey like libpr0n and nspr, for that matter). So at the moment, there is no practical way to ensure that your changes won't break the other apps.