Full Article Attached Polish Translation of Mozilla 1.6 Available

Wednesday January 21st, 2004

Peter Bartecki wrote in to tell us that MozillaPL have released a Polish version of Mozilla 1.6. As well as the language change, the build ships with several popular extensions and plug-ins enabled by default. Read the full article for more details.

#1 Additionally...

by eGandalf

Thursday January 22nd, 2004 3:04 AM

From this version MozillaPL ships two versions - first is self made distribution (with those changes) - profiled for Polish user, second is "raw" localization with langpack only.

#2 I regret I do not know Polish

by cnst

Thursday January 22nd, 2004 9:10 PM

From the description, It looks like a great version! :-) Is there any comments from people who used it? :-)

#3 It's in English too.

by marcoos

Friday January 23rd, 2004 3:11 AM

As far as I remember, MozillaPL includes the English version, too. You just have to switch to it in Preferences or from the command line. And if it didn't you can still install English language pack from