Microsoft Error is Your Reward! (Er... sort of)

Friday September 11th, 1998

Jason Kersey of MozBin writes in:

***MAJOR MozBin Release (kind of)***

The biggest binary yet, WINDOWS NT 5.0, can now be downloaded!

Looks like MS screwed up big time! First reported at, Microsoft has released NT5 Beta 1814 server and workstation for Alpha and x86. It can be found at the URL below. Check it out! Its a HUGE download! While it is on a Microsoft Germany server, it should be in english. ***THIS IS ON MICROSOFTS PUBLIC SERVER!!!*** I must emphasize that, it is not some cracked warez version!

Click here to pay MS NT5 a visit!

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by Ludvig A. Norin <>

Saturday September 12th, 1998 8:57 AM

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Do this really qualify as a news item at <i><b>mozilla</b>Zine</i>? <br>Maybe I misunderstood, but I truly hope the aim of this site (<i>which is an excellent idea</i>) is to report on Mozilla-related events rather than, for example, MSNT5-related events.

Sincerly, Ludvig A.