MozillaZine Reports Mozilla Usage Share at 1.8%, Notes Sharp Increase in Gecko Visitors

Tuesday January 20th, 2004

kroxx sent us a link to's latest browser usage share figures, which report that Mozilla has a 1.8 percent global usage share. This makes it the fourth most popular browser after Microsoft Internet Explorer versions 6, 5.5 and 5. In total, IE has a global usage share of 94.8 percent, according to the Amsterdam-based website statistics firm.

Meanwhile, Gunnar writes: ", one of Germany's major computer-related websites, reports that Gecko browsers had a share of almost 30% (29.9%) in January 2004 among their visitors. This is up 10.5% in a year (or a 50% increase)." An English translation of the Heise article is available.

#13 OneStat = more or less worthless, but good at PR

by leafdigital

Wednesday January 21st, 2004 5:24 AM

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They track only sites using their stat counter, right? Past experience would suggest that this introduces extreme bias (probably toward amateur sites and away from professional ones).

Frankly I would ignore their numbers.

The best publicly available stats are from Google Zeitgeist (Google have a sufficiently huge and varied audience) which suggest Mozilla is a bit under 5%. I checked a couple of sites (not Mozilla or web technology related) using my own log analysis and these give similar results. Try your own non-browser/tech-related sites (i.e. those for which you have no reason to expect readers are more likely to be browser-savvy) and see what you get... my guess is that for most sites your numbers will be similar to Google's, although obviously there will also be wide variation.

(Developers or managers of existing sites shouldn't be looking at numbers even from Google, never mind OneStat, when making browser support/testing decisions; they should be looking at the stats from their own site.)