Mozilla as a High-Level, Easy-to-Use Desktop Linux GUI Application Development System

Tuesday January 20th, 2004

Adam Hauner sent us to a link to a LinuxWorld article in which Nigel McFarlane argues that Mozilla is the natural choice for high-level desktop Linux GUI application development. More controversially, McFarlane goes on to claim that application frameworks such as Mozilla are now more critical to the success of open source than the Linux kernel.

#4 Luxor: The "Linux Kernel" for Desktop Apps

by geraldb

Tuesday January 20th, 2004 7:52 AM

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Nigel McFarlane is not breaking any new ground. May I point out my two year old VanX talk slides titled "Luxor: The 'Linux Kernel' for Desktop Apps - Uniting XUL, SVG, HTML, Velocity, Web Start, XSL/T, Python and more" online @ <http://luxor-xul.sourcefo…vanx-jul-2002/slides.html>

Also allow me to note that XUL isn't going anywhere as long as it's tied to Mozilla. For more info about alternative XUL "kernels"/players/browsers/runtime check out the XUL Alliance site online @ <>