Mozilla as a High-Level, Easy-to-Use Desktop Linux GUI Application Development System

Tuesday January 20th, 2004

Adam Hauner sent us to a link to a LinuxWorld article in which Nigel McFarlane argues that Mozilla is the natural choice for high-level desktop Linux GUI application development. More controversially, McFarlane goes on to claim that application frameworks such as Mozilla are now more critical to the success of open source than the Linux kernel.

#10 Mozilla can't go it alone

by geraldb

Wednesday January 21st, 2004 12:32 AM

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> Um? This is a MOZILLA site. Don't bash moz.

Just to get the story straight. I do *not* bash moz. If I may quote from the Luxor front page: "Mozilla is a phantastic piece of software." All I'm saying is that Mozilla can't go it alone. Open source is all about working together. It's more than just dumping your source code into a CVS repository. Thriving open source projects also need enlightened leaders. So far, unfortunately, the Mozilla XUL story shows that the Mozilla leaders are still stuck in their old Netscape/AOL Time Warner state-of mind. Who, for example, leads the Mozilla XUL project/initiative? Is there anyone who cares?