MozillaZine Status Update #221 (January 19, 2004)

Monday January 19th, 2004

The Status Update #221 (January 19, 2004) is now online. It includes news on Mozilla 1.6, the Mozilla Development Roadmap, Camino, relicensing, the URL spoofing vulnerability, CSS and more.

#4 Re: Re: Re: Mozilla is #1

by mlefevre

Tuesday January 20th, 2004 4:44 AM

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Indeed. Mozilla is at version 1.x, so it's top for "1". Top result for "4" is (Netscape 4.x). Top results for "5" and "6" are Quicktime and Internet Explorer. "7" is back with Netscape and Opera is second. 8 doesn't bring up any particular software, but "9" is Windows Media Player (9).

It's more the links than the content - taking out the punctuation, there are many links on the web to "Mozilla 1 x", "Netscape 4 x", "Quicktime 6 x", "Windows Media Player 9" etc. So, I think we can conclude that Mozilla is the most popular 1.x software currently available :)