New Poll

Saturday March 20th, 1999

We've placed a new poll up, just in time for the Oscars.

The MS remedy poll generated a lot of conversation, and the poll results were interesting:

23% (346) open the source code to Windows under an appropriate Open Source license
22% (326) break MS into separate divisions
11% (163) line up all takers to give Bill G. wedgies
9% (144) publish all Windows APIs
8% (127) prohibit MS from entering into exclusive contracts
8% (131) allow OEMs to ship products from MS competitors, irregardless of current license terms
4% (72) treat MS as a utility
4% (68) completely modularize Windows
3% (51) do nothing
2% (40) levy financial penalties that go to non-profit or free software projects

#8 Why Websites Like MozillaZine Do Polls

by mozineAdmin

Sunday March 21st, 1999 3:22 AM

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The Oscars have nothing to do with Mozilla, or Netscape. What do half the polls on Slashdot have to do with the news that Slashdot covers? Why are polls there to begin with? They're certainly not put on websites to gain any scientific understanding of a situation through the unbiased opinions of a viewership.

Polls have two purposes. First, they help bring a face to the community. If I put up only poll questions about Mozilla, we may learn something about what the general MozillaZine readership feels, but it would be a horribly limited view (and not too terribly interesting, to tell you the truth). That's why MozillaZine, and many other sites, put up polls that aren't necessarily topical. They're interested in getting a better idea of who exactly comes to a site, and what they're interested in. Why? Not for marketing purposes, but because they're curious. And I think a majority of their readers are as well (107 so far, in the most recent poll).

Second, polls are put up for the enjoyment of viewers, so that they can learn a little about the proclivities of their compatriots. Also, polls at websites like /. and mz allow readers to voice their opinions on subjects in a forum where they feel comfortable.

So, you may not like the poll, but so what? Are you trying to influence how I run the site by telling me that it "sucks"? How far do you think that'll get you? Rob at Slashdot has had to deal with that kind on non-constructive criticism for a long time, and I think he solved his problem by not reading forum posts, and by placing a "this poll sucks" choice on every poll, for the people who want to bitch via a shortcut. I'd suggest another route. If you don't like the poll, don't participate. It's a free 'Net.

If you're interested in influencing the direction of the site, I'd suggest doing it in a more constructive manner, not taking pot-shots. Click on the "about" link at right to get our email address.