New Poll

Saturday March 20th, 1999

We've placed a new poll up, just in time for the Oscars.

The MS remedy poll generated a lot of conversation, and the poll results were interesting:

23% (346) open the source code to Windows under an appropriate Open Source license
22% (326) break MS into separate divisions
11% (163) line up all takers to give Bill G. wedgies
9% (144) publish all Windows APIs
8% (127) prohibit MS from entering into exclusive contracts
8% (131) allow OEMs to ship products from MS competitors, irregardless of current license terms
4% (72) treat MS as a utility
4% (68) completely modularize Windows
3% (51) do nothing
2% (40) levy financial penalties that go to non-profit or free software projects

#6 This "Oscar" thing Sucks!

by Yusuf Motara <>

Sunday March 21st, 1999 12:48 AM

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I'm going to have to agree with ?? on this, this poll really sucks. I have no idea what the Oscars mean to Mozilla or Netscape. It's just popular crap. I don't even *watch* that many movies!! How about a decent poll next time, it doesn't even have to be about Mozilla per se, just about programming, computers, GUIs, something that has some bearing on what everyone's working for.

But the OSCARS??! WTF Does this have to do with anything else on these pages??! Does this look like <>? Thought not.

-=Yusuf=-, finishing off his rant.