New Poll

Saturday March 20th, 1999

We've placed a new poll up, just in time for the Oscars.

The MS remedy poll generated a lot of conversation, and the poll results were interesting:

23% (346) open the source code to Windows under an appropriate Open Source license
22% (326) break MS into separate divisions
11% (163) line up all takers to give Bill G. wedgies
9% (144) publish all Windows APIs
8% (127) prohibit MS from entering into exclusive contracts
8% (131) allow OEMs to ship products from MS competitors, irregardless of current license terms
4% (72) treat MS as a utility
4% (68) completely modularize Windows
3% (51) do nothing
2% (40) levy financial penalties that go to non-profit or free software projects

#3 Re:New Poll

by Adhitya Chittur <>

Saturday March 20th, 1999 10:26 PM

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Unfortunately, many of you people who suggested opening up the source to Windows have neglected something. What would be the use of opening the Windows source? Who's gonna fix those thousands of bugs? Splitting MS horizontally (all code to 3 cloned companies) would be better. Have them keep their code to themselves and make it less buggy at their own expense, not at the expense of the stupid developers who would have to spend the rest of their lives debugging it for free...If Microsoft released the Windows source code, and nobody fixed it, where are we? Nowhere. And MS would be able to say "We told you so" to the open source initiative.