Full Article Attached Independent Status Reports (January 18, 2004)

Sunday January 18th, 2004

The latest set of status reports include updates from XUL Console, mozImage, Mycroft, MozPHP, MozPython, Archangel, Forumzilla, MozManual, the Mozilla-Delphi project, ConQuery, Xprint, TipBar and Enigmail.

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by mlefevre

Monday January 19th, 2004 6:36 PM

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When I counted, it was something like 30 out of 105.

If you look at the stuff mentioned in this update (he said, desperately attempting to get back on topic), they seem to be Mozilla only or Mozilla and Firebird. I'm not sure anyone was attempting to have a suite vs birds flame war. The initial post implied that nobody cared about any of this stuff and "we" only wanted Firebird news, bzbarsky's response was pointing out that there are people that don't care about Firebird and do care about this stuff...