Further Updates Following MozillaZine's Downtime

Saturday January 17th, 2004

Following the MozillaZine's recent outage, we think everything is working okay now. However, the downtime and subsequent server reconfiguration did cause some disruption, so please read on to ensure that you are not affected.

From the time that the server came back up until quite recently, no outgoing mail was sent from the server. We think most of it should be flowing out now but we know at least some messages were lost. This means that if you signed up for a MozillaZine members account or MozillaZine Forums account recently, you may not have received the necessary information to complete your registration. If this affects you, please email if you signed up for a MozillaZine members account, or if you went for a MozillaZine Forums account, stating your username, and we will get you sorted.

We're fairly confident that mail sent to addresses during the downtime is now reaching us but if you emailed a message and do not get a response within the next few hours, please resend it.

We think the time-related issues have been solved and the server is now operating in Pacific Standard Time. However, older articles and posts to the site will still be in either Central Time or, for messages before MozillaZine's server move, Eastern Time. Dates and times for anything immediately after the server came back up are likely to be pretty insane.

Finally, weblog comments should now be working properly. Once again, we would like to apologise for problems caused by the server downtime and thank all our visitors for your patience. If you find anything that's not working as it should be, please contact us and we'll look into it.