Mozilla 1.6 Released

Friday January 16th, 2004

The Mozilla Foundation released Mozilla 1.6 yesterday, the first new milestone of the year. This latest version features several Mail & Newsgroups improvements, including vCard support, a preference to remove mail from a POP server after x days, a setting that places the user's signature above the quoted text when replying to a message and optional separate Recipient and Sender columns in the thread pane. In addition, NTLM authentication is now supported on all platforms, the automatic page translation function has been restored and several stability and security bugs have been fixed. The Gecko rendering engine has received a lot of attention in this release cycle, leading to improvements in standards compliance and faster page load times than ever before.

Mozilla 1.6 builds are available for a variety of platforms from the Releases page and the mozilla1.6 directory on More information is available in the Mozilla 1.6 Release Notes.

#2 CNN Quick Vote - Broken Again

by xerxes

Friday January 16th, 2004 7:28 PM

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I did a clean install of 1.6 including deleting my profile but when I try to do a quick vote on CNN it comes up a page not found. I've been having this problem on and off since 1.1. Usually deleting everything including the profile corrects the problem but not this time. Quite frankly, I'm getting sick of this problem popping up every freaking release. I'm through with any more seamonkey builds. I've never had any problems with Firebird so I'll stick with it from now on. As far as I'm concerned the application suite can go and rot because I will never waste my time downloading it again.