Mozilla Firebird Wins Browser of the Year in Members Choice Awards

Tuesday January 13th, 2004 have announced the winners of their 2003 Members Choice Awards, with Mozilla Firebird coming top in the Browser of the Year poll. Firebird received 38.31% of the vote, ahead of the second-placed Mozilla Application Suite, which was the choice of 26.67% of the readership. Konqueror was third, backed by 13.56%, followed by Opera with 11.80%. The Mozilla-based Galeon, Epiphany and Netscape browsers finished in fifth (4.75%), sixth (2.68%) and seventh (1.15%) place respectively.

#2 Re: also mail clients need to mentioned

by leafdigital

Wednesday January 14th, 2004 3:15 AM

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Encouragingly for mail developers, if you add together Mozilla (mail) and Thunderbird (anticipating the time when Thunderbird is finished and becomes the official 'Mozilla Mail'), you get a very close second place.

(It should be noted that these were rather small polls, though. But they might well be fairly representative of the situation on Linux, I don't know.)