Demise of Netscape Voted Most Significant Mozilla Event of 2003

Sunday January 11th, 2004

Last month, we asked you what you thought was the most significant event for the Mozilla project in 2003. The top choice was the demise of Netscape, which received 35% of the 1,947 votes cast. The launch of the Mozilla Foundation came second, with 29%, followed by the new end user focus (16%) and the new Roadmap (12%). The Firebird naming conflict finished in last place, with only 4% of voters considering it to be the most important event of last year.

For our first poll of 2004, we've picked five of the most popular Mozilla development books and want you to tell us which you think is the best. Choose from the Netscape Mozilla Source Code Guide, Essential XUL Programming, Creating Applications with Mozilla, Creating XPCOM Components or Rapid Application Development with Mozilla and watch the results to see which Mozilla book other readers favour.

#15 Re: No change is indeed needed!

by bzbarsky

Monday January 12th, 2004 4:11 PM

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> we need to stop development on the suite

You seem to be under the misapprehension that a new suite release means there were changes to the front-end code. Typically, there were not (much). But the new suite release DOES have a newer Gecko.

I suppose we could stop development on Gecko too; it's not like the birds need it.