Mike Pinkerton Issues Update on the State of Camino

Saturday January 10th, 2004

Mike Pinkerton has posted an update on the state of Camino on his weblog. In the entry, Mike reports on the new review process, describes some recent improvements and outlines the short-term priorities for the future.

#11 Re: Re: Re: point of camino?

by mlefevre

Monday January 12th, 2004 5:54 PM

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"Given what appear to be severely limited resources on the Firebird and even more so anything to do with MacOS Firebird, I don't understand how resources couldn't be helpful"

The point is that those resources aren't "transferable". There are volunteers who want, specifically, to work on something like Camino. If you don't have Camino, you lose those volunteers - Firebird doesn't gain from that.

I think we're agreed about the marketing problem of having 3 different browsers on Mac OS and trying to explain the differences to people...