New Calendar XPIs Support Mozilla Thunderbird

Saturday January 10th, 2004

Jason writes: "The Calendar project released new XPIs for both Windows and Linux on January 9th. They include fixes for bugs such as the high CPU usage bug and now support Thunderbird. Eric Belhaire's website is detailing the Thunderbird work and, according to the latest notes from's staff meeting the other day, the Thunderbird team will be focusing more on Calendar as well.

"Also check out the announcement on MozillaZine's forums."

#14 Calendar (shared in WebDav)

by lkavanagh

Thursday April 28th, 2005 12:54 AM

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Hi, out IT dept have been using ThunderBird for past while and v. impressed and are considering pushing it out to other depts but need to get calendarsl (shared) working. I've installed the extension but having trouble publishing a shared calendar. Reckon my problem is with the WebDav folder I setup in IIS 5.0. Finding it hard to find good notes (step-by-step) anywhere though. Anyone been through the process and willing ot help ? Theres a pint in it !! Larry