New Calendar XPIs Support Mozilla Thunderbird

Saturday January 10th, 2004

Jason writes: "The Calendar project released new XPIs for both Windows and Linux on January 9th. They include fixes for bugs such as the high CPU usage bug and now support Thunderbird. Eric Belhaire's website is detailing the Thunderbird work and, according to the latest notes from's staff meeting the other day, the Thunderbird team will be focusing more on Calendar as well.

"Also check out the announcement on MozillaZine's forums."

#13 Calendar protocols

by Hugues

Friday February 18th, 2005 4:29 AM

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Besides the fact that I personnaly think that iCal is a quite poor method to share calendars (only an opinion - I could develop it - no flaming at all - I sware) ...

On a project I'm managing I would like to implement Thunderbird and Sunbird as a replacement for an Outlook/Netscape installed base. There's only 1 drawback but it's a major one : lack of wCap support. It is definitely needed for the project and that alone could lead the firm to adopt a full MS solution for client (There is a wCap plugin for Outlook) and even for servers.

I'm talking about 1900 mail clients and the related servers.

Is there any wCap plugin developed somewhere ? Would it be hard to add that support to Mozilla Calendar or Sunbird ? How hard would it be and how long would it take ? Any other idea ?

Thank you in advance.