Full Article Attached Mozilla 1.6 Release Planned for Monday or Tuesday

Saturday January 10th, 2004

Yesterday, Chris Hofmann announced that Mozilla 1.6 is likely to be released early next week. Testers can help by downloading branch builds and reporting regressions or other serious problems. Localizers who want their localizations or language packs on the 1.6 CD should be ready by Thursday.

#5 This is why you never make announcements like that

by imforumman

Thursday January 15th, 2004 12:47 PM

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Well... it's Thursday.

(Don't get me wrong please, I'd rather have produce better, more stable releases than have them adhere to "deadlines" and produce faulty binarys. I'm just saying it's announcements like that that cause dissapointments and bey some people even hard feelings.)