Netscape Layoffs Imminent?

Saturday March 20th, 1999

ZDNet is reporting that AOL may be cutting as much as 30% of Netscape's 2500-person workforce. According to a report at, built solely from rumors and the opinions of "observers close to the company", the layoffs could affect as many as 700 Netscape employees, although engineers are not likely to be affected by the layoffs.

In addition, "observers" say, some rehiring may occur as the merger takes shape.

Netscape officials are not commenting, but say that no definite plans have been made yet regarding the restructuring of Netscape.

Thanks to Brad Jackson for the news.

#1 Re:Netscape Layoffs Imminent?

by Kovu

Saturday March 20th, 1999 3:16 PM

Since almost exclusively sales and marketing people are going, it doesn't matter so much to me. Honestly, AOL's marketers are probably better anyway. You can't expect the company to keep two of the same job.

#2 What about servers?

by samig

Sunday March 21st, 1999 9:18 AM

Now that Sun is marketing netscape server software,will Netscape no longer develop it? will it be cut off due to duplication with Sun's server SW *shudder*