'Rapid Application Development with Mozilla' Author Interviewed by (Part 1)

Wednesday January 7th, 2004 has published the first part of an interview with Nigel McFarlane, author of Rapid Application Development with Mozilla. In the interview, McFarlane discusses how enterprises can build on the Mozilla platform when developing tools for their own in-house use and explains how Mozilla's cross-platform nature makes it perfect for mixed computing environments. In another recent article, McFarlane supplies some tips for deciding whether to use Mozilla in an enterprise IT setting.

#8 XUL For the KDE Linux Desktop

by geraldb

Thursday January 8th, 2004 9:24 AM

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> I was excited when I heard the KDE people are experimenting with running the UI using an extended version of XUL widgets. That > would be very cool. So any XUL developer running KDE could write a Gecko app and expect an XUL interpreter to be available.

Note, that KaXul and uXul is an independent build that also works as a plugin in Konqueror. There's no need for Gecko. You might wonna read the XUL News Wire story titled "KaXul and uXul: XUL for the KDE Linux Desktop Talk Slides Now Live" for details online @ <…omp.lang.xul.announce/154>

- Gerald

PS: I would be great if some Mozilla officials could comment on KaXul and uXul. Is this iniative in your interest? Do you plan to sue? Have you contacted the project leaders? Open source is all about open communication and not behind closed door wheeling and dealing. You might wonna adjust your attitude because the glory days of AOL or Netscape are over if I dare to say.