'Rapid Application Development with Mozilla' Author Interviewed by (Part 1)

Wednesday January 7th, 2004 has published the first part of an interview with Nigel McFarlane, author of Rapid Application Development with Mozilla. In the interview, McFarlane discusses how enterprises can build on the Mozilla platform when developing tools for their own in-house use and explains how Mozilla's cross-platform nature makes it perfect for mixed computing environments. In another recent article, McFarlane supplies some tips for deciding whether to use Mozilla in an enterprise IT setting.

#4 About Mozilla Gecko apps I worked on

by buff

Thursday January 8th, 2004 6:42 AM

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I worked on a couple of mozilla apps for companies that were run off of CD-ROMS. They were slick multimedia/knowledge base type apps. We took advantage of adding plugins to mozilla and used Flash for fancy diagrams and such. They were medium sized projects. We ended up skinning the mozilla UI to make it blend in perfectly with our mozilla app. It worked pretty good. I think the same problems that Java originally faced XUL now faces: basically you can't run a downloaded Gecko app. without the GRE. Most people don't have the GRE. This is the same problem with Java. No JRE on the client computer and the app won't run. Realistically most IE users see no reason to install Mozilla since they are happy with their just-good-enough browser. I was excited when I heard the KDE people are experimenting with running the UI using an extended version of XUL widgets. That would be very cool. So any XUL developer running KDE could write a Gecko app and expect an XUL interpreter to be available. Possibly Mozilla apps. would really benefit if both Gnome and KDE could run Gecko apps. by default. This might actually happen on KDE pretty soon. Maybe could sue Microsoft and get the GRE installed by default on Windows (joking, but I wished it happened).