'Rapid Application Development with Mozilla' Author Interviewed by (Part 1)

Wednesday January 7th, 2004 has published the first part of an interview with Nigel McFarlane, author of Rapid Application Development with Mozilla. In the interview, McFarlane discusses how enterprises can build on the Mozilla platform when developing tools for their own in-house use and explains how Mozilla's cross-platform nature makes it perfect for mixed computing environments. In another recent article, McFarlane supplies some tips for deciding whether to use Mozilla in an enterprise IT setting.

#10 Re: Re: XUL For the KDE Linux Desktop

by buff

Thursday January 8th, 2004 11:26 AM

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KaXul and uXul remind me why I still like KDE over Gnome: I have always felt KDE is cooler, looks better, is more intutive, and easier to customize. Everything cool like uXUL appears to come out on KDE first. What's up with that? Is their developer base just better or larger?