Full Article Attached A MozillaZine Reader Elaborates on His MS Remedy Plan

Saturday March 20th, 1999

One of the choices in our most recent poll was submitted by a mozillaZine reader, Andy Hunter. Andy has written an article for us detailing why he feels that "completely modularizing Windows" is the proper solution to the MS monopoly issue. Click "Full Article" below to read more.

#1 Modular Kernel

by Yoni Elhanani (BiGGO)

Saturday March 20th, 1999 11:50 AM

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I'd like to see a modular kernel. Hell, BSoD/GPFs are the reason I stopped using that shit. Maybe a nice free win32 kernel will arrise (after they release APIs, another thing that hopefully will happend), and a free shell, (hopefully a port of gnome).

and then, I like to make it a unix clone, yeah. hmmm... if only linux could run win32 executables...