Mozilla Firebird Wins First Place in Maximum PC's Second Annual Softy Awards

Sunday January 4th, 2004

Wes Holton writes: "Mozilla Firebird is featured in the January 2004 issue of Maximum PC. It won first place in the MaxPC 2nd Annual Softy Awards. This showcases Maximum PC's staff favorite software of the year. Firebird 0.7 was also included on the CD accompanied with the magazine."

The January 2004 issue of Maximum PC is available from US newsstands for $4.99. International subscriptions are available.


by JaggedEdge

Tuesday August 31st, 2004 9:09 PM

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Firefox is godly, rised out from the hellish enviorment of Time Warner to give us the almighty Firefoxx, for that i am grateful to all the employess of Mozilla and anyone else who helped design and make this program a reality,i had found myself reloading 2000 pro about once every 2 weeks (yeh yeh yeh i no its windoze :( im ashamed ), but then i say hey whats this Mozilla eh.....heard lots never tried it so i load it up and wow everything is just so much easier, i been usn mozilla since febuary and that lil article in MaximumPC is prolly one of the most infulencing things that made say hey lets try it out. All in all MOZILLA ROX THIS WORLD!! !_! o_0 !_! I hope you guys decide to take a seat and stay a while, u been around pretty long but now ur just phenomenal.