Mozilla Backup 1.2 Released

Saturday January 3rd, 2004

Pavel Cvrcek (a member of CZilla team) has released Mozilla Backup 1.2. He writes: "Mozilla Backup is a tool for backing up and restoring Mozilla profiles. Version 1.2 adds better backup files, multilanguage support, support for Netscape and some new features. In addition several crash bugs have been fixed."

#8 Re: Mozilla Backup 1.2 is Broken

by mwood

Monday January 5th, 2004 6:11 AM

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Just having a *complete* explanation of Mozilla's saved state would be a nice start. There are scads of .db files (some surely leftovers from previous versions, but nothing ever says so) and half a dozen .js files, plus a bunch of .rdf files, the plugin registry, .mab/.nab/.na2 files, and miscellaneous oddments.

I run a fleet of public workstations, and we've punted the whole idea of trying to save profiles for our six million potential users, so every time you sit down at one of our stations is the first time as far as Mozilla is concerned. Just try to find the place where Mozilla stores the URL for the one-time page it shows at first startup (which we want to point to our own site, since that's where our users expect to start). This is actually easier to arrange with IE6, *ahem*.