Mozilla Backup 1.2 Released

Saturday January 3rd, 2004

Pavel Cvrcek (a member of CZilla team) has released Mozilla Backup 1.2. He writes: "Mozilla Backup is a tool for backing up and restoring Mozilla profiles. Version 1.2 adds better backup files, multilanguage support, support for Netscape and some new features. In addition several crash bugs have been fixed."

#5 Mozilla Backup 1.2 is Broken

by e_mwangi <>

Sunday January 4th, 2004 5:39 PM

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Before you ask, the title is for dramatic effect but, partially true. I think that Mozilla as much as it touts XML in everything, should have a universal format for settings, bookmarks, mail, calendars, etc. This should be platform aganostic and be designed with the fact that are multiple mozilla apps (Mozilla Suite, Firebird, Thunderbird, Custom mozilla based apps, etc.) that could be under on directory and could be used seemlessly. This would also make for more robust and usable profiles. I would like to use my profile when my brother is logged in to the family computer for instance. I would like to read my email in either the Mozilla Suite Mail App or Thunderbird. The unifying thing would be my profile that is usable in any app. This would simplify the whole backing up process and would enable something much more important though, the ability to test my data on beta versions without having to manually copy it over (which is something I already have to do). It would also be easier to create 3rd party apps with a standardized XML file format so that 3rd parties could put in their own data and tags along-side Mozilla's.