Mozilla Wins XUL Motor of the Year 2003 Award

Saturday January 3rd, 2004

Gerald Bauer writes: "The Richmond Post — a news blog chronicling the XUL Revolution — announced the winners of the XUL Motor of the Year 2003 award today [Friday]. Mozilla leads the pack with 98 votes (31%) followed by two Java XUL motors (Swix and Thinlet) and a Flash XUL motor (Zulu)."

Given that Mozilla is the only "XUL motor" on the award shortlist to actually support the XUL specification, it is hard to see how anything else could have won. Unless of course you use 'XUL' to mean any XML-based declaritive markup language, in which case you probably also use 'Java' to refer to any object-oriented programming language and 'English' to describe any language that uses the Latin alphabet.

#45 Re: Re: I don't get it.

by mlefevre

Wednesday January 7th, 2004 7:36 AM

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Well thanks for your dissenting opinion ;)

Dissenting opinions would be better off in the forums, or at least in the comments to the main page. The stuff in the articles is supposed to be "Mozilla news and advocacy". But this isn't a dissenting opinion anyway, it's a factually incorrect view from someone who and seems to enjoy inciting argument for the sake of it.

This article ain't news, and it ain't advocacy for Mozilla (unless you count the sarcastic comments in the article), it's just an incitement to a flame war - there's plenty of that in the forums, we don't need it on the front page as well.