Mozilla Wins XUL Motor of the Year 2003 Award

Saturday January 3rd, 2004

Gerald Bauer writes: "The Richmond Post — a news blog chronicling the XUL Revolution — announced the winners of the XUL Motor of the Year 2003 award today [Friday]. Mozilla leads the pack with 98 votes (31%) followed by two Java XUL motors (Swix and Thinlet) and a Flash XUL motor (Zulu)."

Given that Mozilla is the only "XUL motor" on the award shortlist to actually support the XUL specification, it is hard to see how anything else could have won. Unless of course you use 'XUL' to mean any XML-based declaritive markup language, in which case you probably also use 'Java' to refer to any object-oriented programming language and 'English' to describe any language that uses the Latin alphabet.

#26 You can't please everybody

by geraldb

Monday January 5th, 2004 6:51 AM

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> Then you can move beyond those who want to split-hairs with you and continue your advocacy work.

Brad, I appreciate your idealistic advice. In the real world, however, life isn't that simple and black and white. There's no way you can please everbody. Just witness the endless Pie/Echo/Atom/RSS naming debate as a case study. If the Mozilla folks want to brand their XUL dialect I suggest creating a new name that isn't generic.