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Wednesday December 31st, 2003

2003 has been perhaps the most tumultuous year yet for the Mozilla project. Major updates were made to the Roadmap, project names changed, Netscape died and transformed into the Mozilla Foundation. In our second annual review of the year, MozillaZine takes a look back at the events that have shaped the last twelve months.

#6 Fix the bugs first, please

by frisket

Thursday January 1st, 2004 5:32 PM

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I've used Mozilla since the earliest, and I recommend it to all my co-workers, students, clients, and friends. It's a great platform to browse the Web, do mail, read news, etc etc and blah di blah.

But there are bugs in it which date from early Mosaic days, and which have been perpetuated through generation after generation of sloppy code, finding their way into all derivatives including MSIE. Yet no-one -- absolutely no-one -- seems prepared to fix them. The most notorious is the infamous line-breaking between a parenthesis and an immediately contiguous start-tag or end-tag (test it: put your email address in a TT element and enclose it all in parens, then widen or narrow your window until the parenthetic address falls at the end of a like, and watch that sucker break).

Please, please, can we have some attention to detail instead of ever more feature bloat? I want to be proud of Mozilla, not embarrassed by it.