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Wednesday December 31st, 2003

2003 has been perhaps the most tumultuous year yet for the Mozilla project. Major updates were made to the Roadmap, project names changed, Netscape died and transformed into the Mozilla Foundation. In our second annual review of the year, MozillaZine takes a look back at the events that have shaped the last twelve months.

#4 Happy new year

by buff

Wednesday December 31st, 2003 11:04 PM

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It has been a great year for Mozilla. I am very happy that I can use Firebird on Linux without dragging out the whole Mozilla suite so I can use Evolution as my main email app. I have heard all the complaints over the last year or two about rendering problems with non-standard pages but I honestly haven't had any problems. I only had one problem with a bank that used DHTML that was IE specific but that was only one site out of maybe 30 that didn't work.

I resolve to ignore all forum and newsgroup threads this year related to comparisons between IE and Mozilla; feature competitions between the two browsers; and comments repeating the old boring mantra that Mozilla is a doomed browser in the face of Explorer's market dominance. May Linux, Mozilla, and Open Source flourish in the desktop computing space this year. I also resolve to watch less T.V. and make it to the gym more to lose my CRT gut. I also promise to pay Mandrake for my copy of their fine OS once I get a job again that elevates me out of living from check to check.