MozillaZine Readers Give New Mozilla Website a 7.4

Monday December 29th, 2003

In our previous poll, we asked you to rate the new Mozilla website on a scale of 1 to 10. 3,168 people voted, giving the new site a mean average of 7.4 and a modal score of 8. The variance of the votes was 4.4 and the standard deviation was 2.1. All in all, it looks like you like the new site then.

For our final poll of the year, we want you to pick the most significant event for the Mozilla project of 2003. There's five developments to choose from, including the major Roadmap update unveiled in April, the Firebird naming conflict, the launch of the Mozilla Foundation, the dismantling of Netscape Communications Corporation and the Mozilla Foundation's new end user focus. Pick one, vote and see which event other readers regard as the most significant. Results in the new year.

#2 Re: AOL uses Netscape name for ISP Startup

by buff

Monday December 29th, 2003 6:40 PM

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It is not really that sad. The Netscape name doesn't mean much to most people anymore. It had it's time and place in the history of the internet. I don't find it confusing that the Netscape brand now refers to a dial ISP service. Hey, I use 20/month Earthlink and if the Netscape ISP is any good I just might give it a try. The future is all Mozilla anyway so know need to fret. ;-) Optimism my dear lad, sip on some eggnog and get all nostalgic about the 'golden years of the internet' where you could get a free scooter, thermos, and company umbrella when becoming a new employee and the cooler was freely stocked with soda pop.