GPSWeb Extension for Mozilla Firebird Opens Possibilities for Location-Specific Web Services

Wednesday December 24th, 2003

Davide wrote in to tell us about GPSWeb 0.1.2, an add-on for Mozilla Firebird that adds a User-Location header to every HTTP request containing the user's current position as determined by the Global Positioning System. Sites can then use this data to provide location-specific services, such as supplying directions to the nearest restaurant. The extension requires the user to have some GPS hardware connected to their computer (Davide tested GPSWeb with the Garmin E-Trex) and the GPSd Java daemon, which parses the data supplied by the GPS unit, to be running.

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by jgraham

Thursday December 25th, 2003 4:09 PM

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OK, so if I give you my IP address, you can tell me where I live? That sounds really unlikely to me. How does your magic database deal with DHCP? I guess my ISP might have a resonable idea of where I was (should they bother to look), but I'm pretty sure that information isn't publically avaliable. A GPS based system would solve this problem, although there would be privcy concerns with the location being broadcast withy every request.