GPSWeb Extension for Mozilla Firebird Opens Possibilities for Location-Specific Web Services

Wednesday December 24th, 2003

Davide wrote in to tell us about GPSWeb 0.1.2, an add-on for Mozilla Firebird that adds a User-Location header to every HTTP request containing the user's current position as determined by the Global Positioning System. Sites can then use this data to provide location-specific services, such as supplying directions to the nearest restaurant. The extension requires the user to have some GPS hardware connected to their computer (Davide tested GPSWeb with the Garmin E-Trex) and the GPSd Java daemon, which parses the data supplied by the GPS unit, to be running.

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by glazou <>

Thursday December 25th, 2003 7:02 AM

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The nearest restaurant in your own hometown ? Geez, my home town, Paris, is quite wide and has thousands of restaurants. And the idea that the latitude/longitude is given by the restaurant itself through the Web and not by some other third party is really interesting. The current fashion in cellphones in Europe is digital photo. Next one will probably be geo-location using the european positioning system.