Latest MyIE2 Release Includes Experimental Support for Gecko

Wednesday December 24th, 2003

The latest version of the MyIE2 browser, released today, includes an option to use Mozilla's Gecko rendering engine in place of the standard Internet Explorer engine built into Windows. The experimental feature, which requires the Mozilla ActiveX Control to be installed, can be enabled via an option in the New Page submenu of the File menu. Thanks to Mezziah in our forums for alerting us to this development.

#2 Re: does this mean...

by dave532

Thursday December 25th, 2003 4:56 AM

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Embedding Mozilla inside IE has always been possible with the Mozilla ActiveX control, but this is not what this is about.

MyIE2 is an alternative shell, that happens to use the IE engine. Now it's got an option to use the Gecko engine instead.

It might be useful for those who are on low end machines where XUL browsers like Firebird and Seamonkey are too slow. Think of this like K-Meleon, it's just a native interface that embeds a renderer.

I'll have a look later and if it's a free download I'll give it a go.