Anonymous Former Netscape Executive Donates $4,200 to AmiZilla Project

Saturday December 20th, 2003

James "Kovu" Russell writes: "A former Netscape executive who chooses to remain anonymous has just donated $4,200 to the AmiZilla booty, resulting in a total booty of over $8,400! 'His only request is that he wants to see the amount get over $10,000 so is requesting others donate what they can,' says the story at Rock on!" The AmiZilla project aims to raise a bounty to encourage programmers to port Mozilla to Amiga OS.

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by trilobyte

Tuesday December 23rd, 2003 1:07 PM

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I'll give you a couple of reasons that, from a developer's point of view, Mozilla users will benefit from a successful Amiga port:

- The AmigaOS has no protected memory - The AmigaOS has no virtual memory - Classic Amigas are slow (only getting up to 75mhz, max)

Meaning that for Mozilla to work on Amiga, developers are going to have to be VERY attentive to detail and VERY active in debugging / profiling. They might find some really obscure (or overlooked) inefficiencies in the code.

The newer Amigas with their new AmigaOS 4 and MorphOS are probably equipped with memory protection and virtual memory, so performance considerations mentioned above may not be as important on those platforms. But for Classic AmigaOS, these are a big concern.

I still look at the BeOS port as a sign that the AmigaOS can get a port. And please keep in mind that the BeOS port was done 99% by BeOS coders, not jumped-ship Mozilla coders from other platforms. And the OS/2 port was funded largely by IBM, IIRC, but nobody's whining about *that*.