Anonymous Former Netscape Executive Donates $4,200 to AmiZilla Project

Saturday December 20th, 2003

James "Kovu" Russell writes: "A former Netscape executive who chooses to remain anonymous has just donated $4,200 to the AmiZilla booty, resulting in a total booty of over $8,400! 'His only request is that he wants to see the amount get over $10,000 so is requesting others donate what they can,' says the story at Rock on!" The AmiZilla project aims to raise a bounty to encourage programmers to port Mozilla to Amiga OS.

#19 And?

by Kovu <>

Monday December 22nd, 2003 4:55 AM

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To heck with "the overwhelming majority of Mozilla users". They're not paying for the port, Amiga users and even former Amiga users (moi) are.

As to your question, I reiterate that this won't take developers from the current Mozilla project, it will in fact ADD Amiga users to the existing Mozilla base of developers. You would not get those Mozilla users to contribute to a non-Amiga port. And since it's their money, not the foundation's, where's the harm to Mozilla? There isn't any.