Anonymous Former Netscape Executive Donates $4,200 to AmiZilla Project

Saturday December 20th, 2003

James "Kovu" Russell writes: "A former Netscape executive who chooses to remain anonymous has just donated $4,200 to the AmiZilla booty, resulting in a total booty of over $8,400! 'His only request is that he wants to see the amount get over $10,000 so is requesting others donate what they can,' says the story at Rock on!" The AmiZilla project aims to raise a bounty to encourage programmers to port Mozilla to Amiga OS.

#10 Yes, Amiga's still alive

by Kovu <>

Sunday December 21st, 2003 10:51 AM

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The AmigaONE computer is already available, it's a PPC computer. Amiga OS 4, which is a PPC-native version of Amiga OS, is very close to being done. Currently the AmigaONE comes with Linux and a coupon for Amiga OS 4 for free when it's finally out.

No, the money shouldn't go to the Foundation. The money was intended to light a fire under Amiga developers to get the port done. For the same reason, it won't take any resources away from Mozilla itself - none of the developers to my knowledge have any interest in this. It's too much of a learning curve to learn the Amiga MUI; it's best if someone who already knows MUI does it and that would be an Amiga developer.