Launchy Extension Allows Links to be Opened with External Applications

Friday December 19th, 2003

Henrik Gemal writes in with information about his new Mozilla extension, Launchy: "Launchy will enable you to open links and mailtos with external applications like Internet Explorer, Opera, Mozilla, Mozilla Firebird, Netscape, Outlook, BSPlayer, Windows Media Player and others. Launchy will auto detect all applications. It's a Windows only extension!

"Wanna open a link with Winamp? Just right click and say 'Open link with Winamp'. Wanna send an email to the selected mailto link using Outlook? Just right click and say 'Send email using Outlook'. I think you get the picture. It's great for testing and also for using external mail and media applications."

Launchy 1.5.0 can be downloaded from

#8 sounds like... Mozex

by gwicke

Tuesday December 23rd, 2003 5:51 AM

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<> lets you configure any apps and supports fancy things like external editors for text fields or the source view. The config is not done automatically, but has presets.

I use it for a few months, it's just great.