Full Article Attached Mozilla Branches for Final 1.6 Release

Friday December 19th, 2003

Yesterday, Mozilla branched for the forthcoming 1.6 release and the trunk opened for 1.7 Alpha development. It is now expected that the final 1.6 builds will not be available before Christmas and the milestone is currently slated for an early January launch. Look for release candidates of 1.6 early next week. The new Mozilla Release Status page has more information about the progress towards the next Mozilla milestone.

#1 New Year's Eve?

by ksheka

Saturday December 20th, 2003 5:43 AM

Aim for New Year's Eve. Celebrated in more places than Christmas, and rings in a new Mozilla for the New Year. :-)

#2 Bravo!

by rickst29

Sunday December 21st, 2003 4:56 PM

I've got all of our profiles (Windoz and Linux) backed up, ready to hammer on those upcoming RCs. Thanks to everyone!

#3 I hope.....

by pkb351

Sunday December 21st, 2003 5:17 PM

On the Mac OS X there is a nasty bug. Here is the link to the bug bug 228801 . This bug is still uncomfirmed...if anyone else is experiencing it could you please confirm the bug. Thanks.

Once and a while events (such as URLs and text boxes) will become unresponsive. The only way to reactivate the events is to quit the browser (sometimes requiring a force-quit).

I hope this bug can be given some attention before 1.6 final. Other than this one bug the nightly I am using is very fast and stable. 1.6 looks as if it will be a very good release.