Mozilla Contest - Name That TCMS

Friday March 19th, 1999

An informal contest is now underway with the Mozilla QA folks. Apparently they're working on a new testcase management system, and, well, I'll let this note from Jan Leger tell you more:

"We are working on designing the new Testcase Management System for Now, TCMS is kind of a boring name. Soooo, I am looking to your creativity for help on coming up with a name. A little treat for the winning selection will be given out.

Please submit all entries to me no later than 5pm Wed March 24th.

Good luck! -Jan"

So, if you have a creative side, feel free to submit suggestions for new names to Jan Leger. When you submit a name, please also provide your reasoning behind the name.

#4 test frameworks Mozilla Contest - Name That TCMS

by Jim Kingdon

Saturday March 20th, 1999 8:30 AM

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Right. So I would assume that TCMS will be at least a little bit like Dejagnu (<>) or TET (used by the Open Group test suites for POSIX, some of which are now open source). Definitely nice to see work going on with this. Now that testsuites are a routine part of software development for me, I would never go back.