Camino 0.8 Roadmap Targets March Release

Thursday December 18th, 2003

Mike Pinkerton has published a roadmap outlining the plans for Camino 0.8. The next release of the native Mac OS X browser will be based on Mozilla 1.7 (due out in March) and will focus on stability, polish and infrastructure improvements. People will be able to suggest bugs that they think should be fixed for 0.8 by using a nomination system similar to the one that exists for the Mozilla Application Suite. Camino 0.8 is expected to be the last release that will support Mac OS X 10.1, with all future versions requiring 10.2 (Jaguar) or higher.

#9 Re: Firebird integration?

by polidobj

Friday December 19th, 2003 9:34 AM

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I doubt it will happen. Firebird runs totally on the Mozilla Platform whereas Camino only uses the Mozilla Platform for its backend and uses a native Cocoa interface. Its like Galeon on Linux and Kmeleon on Windows. The difference though is that unlike Galeon and Kmeleon, Camino is a mozilla foundation project. So yeah the Mac developers are splitting their time. But Macs present a unique siuation. Firebird does a good job of intergrating into the OS on windows and Linux. So they pretty much look like any other app on those OSs. But on the Mac as far as I know it would be hard to get firebird to integrate into the OS as well as a native interface like Camino has. And Mac users tend to really want their interface to be consistant. So as much as they try to improve firebird, Camino will likely be the more popular browser of the two. Then why do they continue with firebird for Mac? The only thing I can think of is a person who works on more than one platform like Windows at work and Mac at home might want a consistent browser at both locations.

I'm not a Mac user so this is all based on what I've heard about these issues. Mac users can correct me if I'm wrong.

Also in writing this I started to wonder if there would be a cocoa inteface mail client to go with Camino on the Mozilla platform. But I think Mac users would rather stick to the mail program that comes with Mac OS X. Anyone?

Oh and when looking at the firebird roadmap I was wondering why the Mac OS X version of firebird 1.0 is due out 3 months after the 1.0s for Windows and Linux. It looks like that's because when firebird 1.0 is being finished the mac developers will be working on Camino then move on to firebird second.

But another thing that I don't quite get is the timing. The Camino roadmap says: Mozilla 1.7, Camino 0.8 and firebird 1.0 in March. But the firebird roadmap says firebird 1.0 in late april (Mac OS in July). The mozilla roadmap concurs with the Camino roadmap that 1.7 should be in march. But that's labeled as out of date by the firebird roadmap.

Brian P