Branch Cut for Mozilla Firebird 0.8

Wednesday December 17th, 2003

A branch has been created for the forthcoming release of Mozilla Firebird 0.8. The branch will allow Firebird 0.8 work to continue without the uncertainty caused by the daily changes made to the main Mozilla development trunk (currently frozen for Mozilla 1.6). However, critical trunk fixes will be merged into the new Firebird 0.8 branch.

Nightly builds from the branch will be available soon. They will feature a new mechanism for handling files served with a text/plain MIME type and new front end for XPInstall (the code used for installing things like extensions). Read Ben Goodger's post to the Firebird General forum for more information about the 0.8 branch.

#23 Re: Re: re: MIME fix

by mlefevre

Friday December 19th, 2003 5:25 AM

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I haven't seen details of exactly what IE6 in XP SP2 is going to do, but it wasn't clear that they're going to go the whole way to doing what Mozilla does.

As jgraham explains, this non-standard behaviour is only going to happen in a limited set of circumstances. Those circumstances are ones which only happen if the server is not following the standards, which was an important factor in considering this change. IE's behaviour causes wrong things to happen when the server is following standards - Mozilla's behaviour won't.