Branch Cut for Mozilla Firebird 0.8

Wednesday December 17th, 2003

A branch has been created for the forthcoming release of Mozilla Firebird 0.8. The branch will allow Firebird 0.8 work to continue without the uncertainty caused by the daily changes made to the main Mozilla development trunk (currently frozen for Mozilla 1.6). However, critical trunk fixes will be merged into the new Firebird 0.8 branch.

Nightly builds from the branch will be available soon. They will feature a new mechanism for handling files served with a text/plain MIME type and new front end for XPInstall (the code used for installing things like extensions). Read Ben Goodger's post to the Firebird General forum for more information about the 0.8 branch.

#17 Re: amazing but still so many basic things missing

by polidobj

Thursday December 18th, 2003 10:40 AM

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For the url time out try the Show Failed URL extension. You'll need to enable XUL error pages under the - browser.xul.error_pages.enabled - preference. I used the Preferential Extension to do this or goto about:config.

<…extensions/#showfailedurl> <…/extensions/#preferential>

Brian P