The Rise of Mozilla as an Application Platform

Tuesday December 16th, 2003

Today's main article at LinuxInsider discusses Mozilla as an application platform. The increasingly prolific Nigel McFarlane sings the praises of XUL, explains the advantages offered by Mozilla's portability and predicts that we will see many more Mozilla-based programs in the future. Thanks to koody for the news.

#8 Re: Re: I can't see this site...

by polidobj

Wednesday December 17th, 2003 6:12 PM

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What OS are you guys on. This page doesn't crash Firebird 0.7 on Mandrake linux or Windows ME. Mozilla 1.4 is ok in Linux too. But I'd guess that the problem may be from the page being declared XHTML 1.0 trans but it does not validate. And it's not just trivial stuff like missing alt tags.

They are using nonstandard attributes on iframe and script tags. And they totally messed up this tag: <hr noshade size=1>

And to top it off, dead tags too: <FONT SIZE=1 FACE="VERDANA, ARIAL, HELVETICA">

I would think that firebird would switch to quirks mode to render the page when hitting code that does not comply but the page info says it's still in standards mode.

Brian P