Introduction to Mozilla Manual Available

Monday December 15th, 2003

Kevin Quiggle writes: "A guide to Mozilla 1.5 — Introduction to Mozilla — A Manual for First Time Users — is now complete and is available for download as an illustrated PDF file (source documents used to create the manual are also available). This publication is intended to introduce new users of Mozilla to key features and functions. It is suitable for corporate users, schools, or home users. If there is sufficient interest, an updated edition may be created for Mozilla 1.6."

#6 sorry to gripe

by tobypowell

Tuesday December 16th, 2003 1:45 AM

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but the images really don't cut it for me.

I would recommend using .GIF file compression for the screenshots, as there are far too many entities (bad pixels) being shown. JPG is really only any use for photographs, whereas block colour looks a bit pants as you can see.

Other than that, it's a great idea, but why did you use the classic theme, rather than one of the more modern ones? it looks so ugly.

Anyway, once it's a bit more mature I think I'll email it to my mum. She'll like that :D